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Procedure of acquiring the licence:

1. Select the photographic works for which you wish to acquire a licence.

Exclusive and non-exclusive licences under Articles 9.7 to 9.11 of the General Service and Licence Terms can be acquired for the photographic works.

If you acquire an exclusive licence for any photographic work, this will not appear in our offer any more (nobody else can acquire a licence for this photograph).

If you wish to acquire a non-exclusive licence for any photographic work, you may select in the data sheet of the image the size in which you would like to have the given photograph.

2. Click the „Add to Cart” button.

3. After selecting the photographic work(s) go to the Cart.

4. In the Cart you can see the selected photographic work(s). Now you can check your data and your order, with particular regard to the quantities and the fees to be paid. If you do not wish to add any more photographic works to the Cart, you have to click the „PayPal” button to submit your order. By this you initiate also the payment.

5. Payment can only be initiated after reading and accepting the General Service and Licence Terms and the Data Management and Data Protection Regulations.

6. When clicking the „PayPal” button the website will automatically ask if the data are correct. After this data entry errors cannot be corrected any more.

7. When clicking the PayPal button the website will automatically redirect you to the PayPal website, where you can check once again the summary of the order and the amount of the fee to be paid.

If you see any error, do not initiate payment but start the order anew!

8. The Service Provider will confirm your order electronically forthwith and simultaneously with the confirmation it will make the photographic work(s) and the electronically concluded licence agreement available. The User can download these from his/her personal profile but the Service Provider will send these in an informative e-mail, as well.

9. Simultaneously with the confirmation, the Service Provider will submit to the User the invoice issued for the payment of the fee through its system called



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